Pedro Troncoso. Visual artist born in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Currently in the U.S pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts. (Bronx, New York). My story begins back in my hometown, specifically in the countryside, where my family used to get in contact with animals since I was a child. Somehow, I grew up having certain sensitivity towards them, but it was neutral during my childhood: I didn’t mind about how they were treated, maybe because I only got to see them “alive and happy” until they suddenly disappeared. But once I became an adult, that same sensitivity activated when I realized about the untold reality about them. Whenever I can, I do my best to be their voice through art.

This piece was inspired by my belief of “no matter how carefully we treat them, there will always be an unfair relationship between humans and animals.” Unfortunately, we are the only species that promote the consumption of other species’ “products”. This painting portrays the loop and the irony of the milk cycle and how we, the consumers, only get to see the shiny glass bottle with white delicious milk, but not the darker side about the cows that produce them.
I have realized that one of the main barriers that keep us unaware and blind about this reality is the advertisements. Their goal is to make us want more milk by taking the cruel reality out of sight. Usually, they only portray the bright, clean, and sellable side of this dark truth. Unfortunately, the milk within the glass doesn’t contain the entire story that includes all of us.

Whether we are from the city or the farm, we all keep starting and running the milk cycle, without knowing how or when it will stop. By now, the gist of the story remains with the same plot: cows being the most vulnerable. The purpose of this painting is to offer a better view of the entire milk cycle by including both sides of the story. Hopefully, the spectator will decide how the story ends.